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Thank you for your interest in the services at

Trauma Free University!

After over 20 years of working in the mental health field as a therapist, an activist, an advocate, an educator & a facilitator... I have decided to move forward into new soul purpose guided pathways...

I have decided to expand from & into new levels of my own healing & growth on this journey of life. I am moving into embracing the freedom I have helped so many achieve throughout my career.....

Please Check the referrals below to connect with some amazing clinicians who can be of service to you!

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1 Therapist Referral List-e.png

Check out these FREE Resources:

  • Building a Simple Self Care Practice

  • Tips for Seeking a Therapist

  • Healing from Trauma Experiences

  • 10 Things to Know About Emotions

  • Healing Family Trauma

  • What to know about Grief & Mourning

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